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New York, NY (June 28, 2016): Ella Tang, founder and creative mind behind the label TANGOELLA, is creating a kickstarter campaign for her new dance movement label. 


As an emerging designer in the women’s ready-to-wear department, Tang is expanding to create new options for women who have an active and busy lifestyle. Tang has designed a dance movement line that incorporates elements of innovative functionality and a sophisticated sense of style for busy women.


The TANGOELLA brand has always encompassed a chic, effortless romance amongst a structured set of silhouettes. The Day to Dance collection will reflect the dance movement while maintaining the brand’s wearable, youthful essence. Fabrics will be hand-picked for the most slimming drape and most comfortable feel for daily activities, including features such as comfortable transition from day to fitness activities; slimming silhouettes; and material constructed of swimwear fabric.


The idea behind the Day to Dance collection is versatility – being able to transition from day-to-day tasks into something more active while maintaining a chic, sophisticated appearance. The collection is not limited to dance related activities, “dance wear is my inspiration because it's sexy and beautiful. But my goal is to bring dance to street wear and open that market,” says designer Ella Tang. Day to Dance is youthful, comfortable, and effortless. 


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TANGOELLA’s Tango Line Launch Party, Liquid Art House, Back Bay, April 6Contact: Ella Tang, Founder & Designer

Phone: 617-966-0334

March 2, 2016

Ella Tang, designer of the famed TANGOELLA line of seasonless cross-functional fashions, is collaborating with Liquid Art House founder Ruta Laukien to stage a launch party for TANGOELLA’s new Tango multipurpose dancewear line in the Back Bay bistro’s creative mélange of contemporary art and aesthetically prepared cuisine. The event will take place Wednesday, April 6, at 6:30 p.m.
For Ella, Liquid Art House’s holistic-artistic atmosphere is the ideal setting for her Tango line launch party. “Dress in style is an art,” she says. “TANGOELLA is ‘Always Modern,’ which is art. Tango dance is an art. Tango dress complements the art of dance.”
Dancer Alla Lakov will be invited to showcase Ella’s newly launched dancewear collection in full fluid form as she tangoes across the floor with partner Yves Chretien. “I designed it so people can easily adapt to it, even if they’re not dancing,” says Ella, who, as a fashion designer with an entrepreneurial eye, conceived her Tango line as a versatile alternative to dancewear just for dancing. “You can wear something beautiful and be comfortable doing other things in those clothes.”
While the dancers get down, Tango line selections will be on display in a pop-up store, along with elements of Ella’s Spring 2016 collection of stylish silk, lace and cotton-blend tops, skirts, dresses and shorts—again, suitable for all seasons, lifestyles and pursuits. “This is a new way to do fashion business: a fashion show with a pop-up store and live demonstration,” she says. “I want to create a new shopping experience which is very different from traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.” She also plans to live stream the event “so people can watch it and shop online.”
Liquid Art House is at 100 Arlington Street in Boston’s Back Bay. General admission to the launch party is $20 1st drink included. VIP tickets, $100, include 1st drink, a half-hour tango dance lesson, a glam headshot, and $50 credit toward TANGOELLA merchandise. Tickets will be available for purchase on Eventbrite. Event guests will get a chance to sign up for TANGOELLA’s Exclusive Brand Ambassador Program and receive 10% off on purchases of TANGOELLA clothing. All guests will receive 15% off at the pop up store. Guests will include prominent fashion bloggers.
For more information, contact For a sneak peek at TANGOELLA fashions, visit




TANGOELLA’s ‘Fashionably Late’ fashion splash, Liberty Hotel, March 31

Contact: Ella Tang, Founder and Designer

Phone: 617-966-0334

February 22, 2016

Ella Tang, designer of the famed TANGOELLA line of timeless, seasonless cross-functional fashions for year-round, will showcase her Spring 2016 collection in her ‘Fashionably Late’ show at Beacon Hill’s Liberty Hotel on Thursday, March 31. Up-tempo music by DJ Leah V, fabulous cocktails, stellar décor, and a dash of Boston notables will complement this interactive high-energy fashion show.
Boston’s frigid winter made us all long for an unfashionably early spring. So what better time to revel in Ella’s sensual yet versatile line of silk, lace and cotton-blend tops, skirts, dresses and shorts as we welcome the warmer weather. On parade will be a stylish and effortless yet cool and breathable potpourri of lace and print patterns, basic blacks, and more. All are mix-and-matchable for creative color combinations and individual self-expressions according to times of day, times of year, or present moods and activities, as sustainable alternatives to fleeting fashions.
“They’re designed for a metropolitan lifestyle—for women with busy lifestyles who are on the go,” says Ella. “But they’re not just showy. They’re made so that you feel comfortable in them and want to wear them all the time, not just for special occasions. They’re fashionable but relaxing, and they help boost the self-esteem of the wearers by giving them the ability to look and feel great.”
Also featured will be a selection of dresses from Ella’s new Tango line, which will be formally launched at a showcase party at Liquid Art House in the Back Bay on April 6. This innovative collection extends the function of dancewear to a general-purpose use so women can feel first-class on any occasion—at home, at work, on the town, and, of course, on the dance floor. “People can easily adapt to them—not just ‘I’m dancing,’“ says Ella.
The Liberty Hotel is at 215 Charles Street, Boston, at the foot of Beacon Hill near the Charles/MGH T station on the Red Line. Admission to the ‘Fashionably Late’ show is complimentary. Doors open at 8 p.m.; the fashion show begins at 10 p.m. The TANGOELLA Spring 2016 collection will be on display in a pop-up shop at the event.
For more information, call 617-224-4000. For a sneak preview of the TANGOELLA Spring 2016 collection, watch its Lookbook video at