A new line of luxurious cashmere sweaters from the cashmere
goats of Inner Mongolia, China

Soft, supple and sustainable, our 100% natural “eco-cashmere” is woven in diverse percentages of black, brown, gray and white goats’ wool. This yields a broad selection of serene neutral colors for all occasions. All are free of toxic dyes, bleaches and scratchy synthetic fibers.

The long, thin fibers the Inner Mongolian cashmere goats grow to protect themselves from their cold climate do just the same for the wearers of our wool. Longer, leaner fibers also mean lighter, leathery fabric, for maximum comfort as well as coziness. Longer is also stronger—our cashmere products are sustainable for years with normal care, protecting both you and the environment.

Also evocative of the environments they came from, they are available in a wide variety of grays, browns, buffs, coffees, creams, and sandy sheens recalling the windswept sands of the goats’ homelands. The subdued, dye-free neutrality of these hues also blends them well with many other kinds of apparel, making our cashmere as flexible in wardrobe selection as it is in material softness.

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